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Apr 4, 2013 - Going skydiving in Pennsylvania

If you’ve ever thought of stepping outside your comfort zone while on a rental bus trip, try skydiving while you’re in Philadelphia visiting in a rental bus. Rental bus visitors to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's largest city, usually come to see its famous historical landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House, or one of the city's world-class art museums. However, seeing Philadelphia from the air offers an entirely new perspective on the City of Brotherly Love. Take a bus, charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus
rented from Bus Rentals Philadelphia and have the time of your life freefalling through the skies above Philadelphia.

First-time rental bus skydivers and other beginners usually dive while securely fastened to a professional, a practice known as "tandem" skydiving. In this model, the instructor pulls the cord and handles other safety issues for the diver. Skydive Philadelphia's tandem skydives bring rental bus divers up to 10,000 feet to jump, a height that offers up to a minute of free fall before your parachute is pulled. Another company is Philly Skydiving, whose dives are also approximately 60 seconds long. Rental bus divers experience speeds of up to 120 miles an hour, followed by a parachute ride that lasts as long as nine minutes. Both companies also offer video packages to record the dive.

Accelerated free fall is a solo diving technique that takes more time to master. In this method, the rental bus diver jumps solo and is responsible for pulling his own ripcord. However, divers exit the plane at the same time as professionals who help them time their actions. Although some beginners can dive on their own after completing a certain number of hours of training, it is usually a sport for more experienced rental bus divers. Both Philly Skydiving and Skydive Philadelphia offer accelerated free fall for non-professionals who complete their training courses.

More experienced rental bus divers can complete a training program to become a certified skydiver, which allows them to have more freedom and flexibility when diving; in addition, earning certification is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to work in the field. Certification requires skydivers to complete a multi-step course of study, usually with seven skill levels that emphasize safety and technique. Both Philly Skydiving and Skydive Philadelphia offer certification courses. Just about a half-hour rental bus ride outside Philadelphia is the Keystone Skydive Center, a United States Parachute Association Training Center that caters to expert divers and those looking to become a certified professional.

Sky high fun in Philadelphia is the name of the game when you’re on a rental bus trip organized by Bus Rentals Philadelphia. Traveling in Philadelphia is made easy with one of Bus Rentals Philadelphia’s rental buses, and the service of the friendly, and efficient staff.