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Nov 14, 2012 - Titanic – The Tragic Fate Of The World's Largest Ship on Exhibit in Philadelphia

April 15, 1912 may have been just another ordinary day for many people but for thousands of people who were on Titanic, the world's largest ship, the events that unfolded before their disbelieving hearts and minds changed their lives forever. As the world watched and learned more about the sinking of the ship, hearts were broken and confidence were shaken. For more than a thousand and five hundred people, they perished along with the ship. The never-to-be-forgotten event got a lot of exhibitions, events, websites and memorials going as emphatic people from many other parts of the world poured their heart-felt messages, help and aid for people who were affected by it.

You can be a part of it too if you are in Philadelphia for a bus rentals tour this fall and winter because there is going to be Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition held at the Franklin Institute in remembrance the lives that were lost and in honor those who were lucky enough to survive.

So, what can you expect from the exhibition? There will be more than three hundred artifacts retrieved from the site of the wrecked ship including kitchenware discovered near the sunk ship, currency from different countries, and they even recovered someone's perfume bottle too. While there is little we can do for the victims, we, as concerned bus rentals tour visitors, can have a closer look at these collections in poignant remembrance of the victims.

The exhibition organizers aims to educate people about more than just the people who were affected by the fateful event but the exhibition will also touch a little about how the ship was built and the technology behind it. This is significant because a hundred years ago, high-tech technology was not yet available. And if you have watched Titanic the movie, you would love experiencing the 'staircase' or even reenacting your own scene too. We can't wait for you to make your way there for a Philadelphia bus rentals holiday.

The exhibition is open during the day time from Monday through to Wednesday for $29 per person ($22 for children under 12; it is free for babies and toddlers). On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, night visits are only $19.50 per person and $14.50 for the kids. So, if you have the time during this fall, head over to Franklin Institute for a look-around in your rented bus rentals charter.