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thumbBus Rental Philadelphia is a leading charter bus rental company in the country, serving customers from all walks of life. Our priority is to ensure the smooth-sailing transportation of our customers from one point to the other with well-maintained vehicles and affordable Bus Rental Philadelphia packages. But it is also our mission to connect, ALWAYS, with our customers, to listen to what they have to say, understand their needs and provide them with quick, useful information whenever they choose us for bus rental.

Philadelphia is an extremely commercial state in the country serving as one of the country's educational and cultural hub. Throngs of tourists come to Philadelphia to enjoy the vast and diverse culture in the form of social and geographical landscape. Bus Rental Philadelphia customers love the vibrancy of the city life and we love to bring them to their intended destinations safely and conveniently too. What are the most popular places to visit in Philadelphia when visiting with bus rental?

Philadelphia brings you an amazing array of shopping options. The Gallery at Market East, Jewelers' Row, Rittenhouse Row are only a few examples. When you make use of Bus Rental Philadelphia bus packages, just mention these places to the bus driver, they know the malls and rows of shopping options like the back of their hands. Rittenhouse Row, in fact, is the perfect place to shop for high-end bargains. Shopping at Rittenhouse has been described as relaxing and comforting because it is surrounded by luxury residences and the heart feeds on the awe-inspiring greens at neighboring parks.

Some of Bus Rental Philadelphia customers end their travel experience with good food and drinks. The charter bus that they have rented will usually round everyone up to head for a major mouth-watering fanfare at places like Manayunk or the Italian Market. As they watch the sun set over the horizon, our customers' hearts are filled with wonder and amazement at the creative dishes that the chefs are capable of cooking up.

As with many other large cities in the country, traffic in some major cities in Philadelphia gets nasty during rush hours. That is when you will thank your lucky stars that you are using bus services from companies like Bus Rental Philadelphia instead of opting for car rental or public transportation. We understand that when it comes to traveling, time is of essence. So is comfort.

And Bus Rental Philadelphia delivers on all fronts.

Testimonial – 'It was really good thinking on our part when we decided to use a bus from Bus Rental Philadelphia. They were timely, the buses were comfortable and we saved a fair bit of time and money. Bus Rental Philadelphia really lives up to their name.' - Elaine Wink, Philadelphia

Let your hair down and explore the many different sides of Philadelphia!

Nov 13, 2013 - Popular Religious Buildings in Philly

You don’t have to be religious in order to enjoy the beauty and architecture of these buildings. In Philadelphia, there are many religious places to visit, not just for worship but for its ornate and interesting architecture. Many of these religious places are part of the National Historic Landmark and rightfully so as they are built a long time ago and is part of Philadelphia’s history. You can hop on and off your Philly rental bus to get to these places.

If you would like to see the only synagogue designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, then you should head over to the Beth Shalom Congregation, a Conservative synagogue located in the suburb of Elkins Park in Philadelphia. Did you know that Beth Shalom actually means House of Peace in Hebrew? If you take a look at the architecture, you would notice that despite being built in 1953, the synagogue has a very modern look to it. It has inclined walls which are pretty steep and its translucent look comes from the fiberglass and plastic materials made to build it. During the day, the translucent walls are lighted by natural sunlight, while in the night, the entire building glows from the inside out by artificial lighting. Right in front of the synagogue, you will find a laver which is a fountain worshippers use to wash their hands before a sacrifice or service.

On the east side of Logan Circle in Philadelphia, you will find an impressive Roman Catholic cathedral called the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. This is the head church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Philly and designed by Napoleon LeBrun. Built from 1846-1864, this is the largest Catholic church in Pennsylvania and is also listed in the US National Register of Historic Places. This cathedral is a sight to behold from afar. Modelled after the Lombard Church of St Charles in Rome, the cathedral features a grand facade and a vaulted dome, with ornate main altar and oversized apse of stained glass and red antique marble.

Moving over to Appletree Street, you will find Saint Clement’s Church, a Episcopal church designed by John Notman. Another two churches designed by the same man stands within a few blocks from each other - the Church of the Holy Trinity and Saint Mark’s Church. Although these three churches are designed by the same man, they are built and designed differently. Both Saint Clement’s Church and the Church of the Holy Trinity features a Romanesque Revival style and made entirely of brownstone, while the Saint Mark’s Church was built in the Gothic Revival style. So, do go by this area to view all three churches to see the differences in style and architecture, all designed by the same man.


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